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Capital Outlay

The Capital Projects Bureau (CPB) is responsible for coordinating the funding and administration of capital projects under the statutory authority of the Aging and Long-Term Services Department (ALTSD). Capital outlay appropriations are made to ALTSD to fund senior center projects, statewide. Such projects include those awarded to both local government and tribal government providers for renovation and construction projects, as well as for the purchase of vehicles and large equipment, such as commercial kitchen equipment. CPB staff work closely with area agencies, aging network providers and local and tribal governments throughout the state to prepare an annual capital outlay legislative request for senior centers statewide. Applications are submitted through the application database established in 2021. Application proposals are then rated and ranked by the Project Review Team comprised of partners from the ALTSD and Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) for consideration in the upcoming legislative session. The CPB is responsible for administering the capital outlay projects, contracting with the funded entities, and monitoring the status of each project, including the budget and expenditures. The CPB also tracks all capital appropriations and fiscal information, monitors the expiration dates of capital appropriations, and ensures timely reversions of expired appropriation balances. Bureau staff provides training and technical assistance to funded entities regarding planning, project management and administration of capital project appropriations.

Status of Contracts and Notice of Obligation to Grantees

Executive Order 2013-006 "Establishing Uniform Funding Criteria and Grant Management and Oversight Requirements for Grants of State Capital Outlay Appropriations by State Agencies to Other Entities" (EO-6) is now in effect. All state agencies are implementing newly developed procedures to further safeguard state capital outlay appropriations and assets acquired with such funding. "EO-6" requires state agencies to review annual audits, budgets and financial reports before entering into contracts. The new contract provides provisions stipulating this requirement. For audits with identified material weaknesses, significant deficiencies and/or compliance issues, ALTSD may include "special conditions" that a contractor must adhere to before the contract is fully executed and budgeted. ALTSD requires a scope of work for each funded project before a contract will be issued.

Grantee Reporting requirements

CPMS is a web-based system used for reporting and monitoring of capital outlay appropriations.  The database is used by the Legislative Finance Committee (LFC), as well as the general public. All State agencies must report on the status of the project once funding is appropriated. The State agency is required to update appropriation information on a quarterly basis by the 15th of March, June, September and December.  All Local entities begin reporting once a grant agreement has been executed.  The Local entity is required to update appropriation information on monthly basis by the 30th of each month as per Article VIII of the Grant Agreement.  The CPMS database can be accessed from the DFA-COB website or through the following link:

For assistance please review the CPMS Instructions for Local Entity: Click here

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