Capital Outlay

Capital outlay appropriations are made to Aging and Long-Term Services Department (ALTSD) to fund senior center projects, statewide to both local government and tribal governments.  Projects include, new construction and renovations including equipment, and for the purchase of vehicles.

  • Applications are submitted through the application database. The ALTSD will provide a recommendation of projects for consideration in the upcoming legislative session.
  • The Capital Project Bureau (CPB) also tracks all capital appropriations and fiscal information, monitors the expiration dates of capital appropriations, and ensures timely reversions of expired appropriation balances.
  • Staff provides training and technical assistance to local or tribal governments regarding planning, project management and administration of capital project appropriations.

Executive Order 2013-6

Grant Agreement Forms and Tools

Exhibit #1 Request for Reimbursement/Monthly Report

Form used to pay the grantee for expenses paid under a third-party contract in which a notice of obligation has been issued by the ALTSD. 

Exhibit # 2 Notice of Obligation*

The purpose of the NOO is to protect the grantee in the event of a state reversion. You will not be reimbursed for a project if a NOO has not been completed.

*Please note that grantees are required to obligate 5% of their appropriation within the first 6 months of the execution of the grant agreement and must expend no less than 85% of their appropriation within 6 months of the reversion date.

Scope of Work*

*Scope of work is an account of activities, tasks to be performed, and expected results and deliverables of the project and responsible staff. 

Capital Projects Monitoring System (CPMS) * 

*CPMS is a web-based system used for reporting and monitoring of capital outlay appropriations. The database is used by the Legislative Finance Committee (LFC) and can be accessed by the general public. The Local entity is required to update the project status on a monthly basis by the 30th of each month.

Appropriations listed by FY

 Resource Documents

Capital Outlay Application Database

NOTES: Application database will open mid-January 2023.

  • 2024 Application Training Announcement
  • Application Training Documents – forth coming January 2023 

Checklist (documents needed to submit application)

For Senior Facility ICIP login and password please contact Annette Apodaca 505-396-0341 or by email


  • Asset Management  
  • Grants Management
  • 2023 Application Training
  • Operating and Use Agreement Template
  • Capital Outlay Application Guidance

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